QD Capsule™

QD Capsule™ is a proprietary technology of Dou Ys' Chem,
providing a breakthrough solution for QLED displays.

What is a quantum dot(QD)? / Why QD displays?

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanocrystals which can produce pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light. Their optoelectronic properties change as a function of both size and shape although the specific colors vary depending on the exact compostion of the QD. Larger QDs of 5-6 nm diameter emit longer wavelenghts, with colors such as orange or red. Smaller QDs of 2-3 nm diameter emit shorter wavelenghts, yielding colors like blue and green.

QD displays use blue LEDs as the light source. When the blue light passes through the QD film, the light is converted into exact colors of RGB. Therefore, QD displays are capable of reproducing natural colors, showing higher color gamut than OLEDs.

What is unique about our QD capsule?

QD Polymer Capsule protects QD from the external environment.
High value-added QD films can be manufactured via a melt-extrusion process with high productivity.
A wide variety of colloidal nanoparticles including QDs can be encapsulated.

What are the benefits of our QD capsule?

QD materials in solution state are transformed into powder for more facile handling.
All QD particles are evenly dispersed, maintaining the light efficiency.
QDs are secured in between platelike polymer crystals.
Melt-extruded QD film employing the QD capsules.
High-quality QD films can also be produced by melt-extrusion, a traditional film manufacturing method.
Protects internal QDs by maintaining capsule form even in polymer heat processing.