CNF Reinforced Plastic

mCNF for Plastic Reinforcement

Our mCNF, a CNF material whose surface is treated with inorganic nanoparticles, delivers enhanced dispersion in polymer composite due to the increased surface roughness, and reduction in thermal degradation by protecting the CNF surface susceptible to oxidation.
Enhance mechanical properties to plastic with minimal use of CNF.
The enhanced resistance to thermal oxidation prevents color changes during thermal processes.
By increasing CNF content within the composites, the total plastic usage can be reduced.
Make your products recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Reinforcement of mechanical properties

Resistance to thermal oxidation

No color changes developed throughout thermal processing.

Reuse of CNF polymer composites

The mCNF polymer composite can be reused many times due to its excellent dispersibility and compatibility with good resistance to thermal oxidation.
Polypropylene / conventional CNF composite
Polypropylene / mCNF composite