Starting with source technology,

we will grow up to be a global material company.

Dou Ys' Chem, founded in 2018, is a technology-oriented venture company differentiated nanomaterial technology previously developed for 15 years by department of Nano Materials Engineering in Sejong University.
Experience our striking properties of the nanomaterials of Dou Ys' Chem, Quantum dots (QDs) and cellulose nanofibers (CNFs), which exhibit their best performances due to our unique nanodispersion technology.
  • Founded in Oct 2018, 7 employees
  • Branch for scale-up inan industrial park in Seoul
  • Equity founders(2) 78%, corporates(2)5%, individuals(10)17%
  • Technology company executing Innovative R&D

  • 2020 Seoul R&D Support
  • Angel Matching Fund
  • Gwangju CCEI Support
  • KOITA R&D Support
  • Kyeongbuk CCEI Support
  • KEIT R&D Support
  • Venture Company Certification
  • Establishment of the Second Business Unit
  • Kodit NEST

  • Smtech R&D Support
  • 2019 Seoul R&D Support
  • Hyundai Startup Support
  • Corporation R&D (Institute of Nanotech)

  • Angel Funding
  • Incorporation
  • K-Startup Support
  • Business Incubation in Sejong Univ.